About P2PFunder.com

P2PFunder.com (Peer to Peer Funder) is an online Capital Funding Network or community where Funding Seekers, Borrowers, Investors and Institutional Lenders find a common place to meet and get acquainted.

Think of us as your specific and dedicated online financial newspaper with an interactive classified section, go to our online funding classifieds, register and fill completely your information, upload your presentation, pay for placing your advertisement for funding. Voila!! …Start interacting with our network…It’s that simple!!

Q:: How does p2pFunder.com help their Funding Seeker members?

A:: By directly working with an online network of 17,000+ investors. Also with Google advertisement, we invest daily in advertising in order to drive traffic to our website and your profile.

We will do for you what we do best: Market your request to our investors database if you are seeking funds, if Investors are looking to fund projects like yours, they will read it and will reply to you right there…

Also, if you are an investor, we will give you thousand of borrowers and their information in order for you to make a good and sound decision about whom to lend to.

It is a very simple concept and process. Create a Profile and network with investors and or borrowers instantly! It's that easy.

As a Funding Seeker you can convey your request for funding or show your project to Investors instantly, thus connecting with the required capital owners to get your project funded. To us it doesn't matter if you need a Real Estate loan, a line of credit, a Construction Loan, or funding for your own particular invention project. We are here to connect you with investors.

Also, it doesn't matter if it is a small business capital investment or a mega capital funding for a new project or expansion for an ongoing one. As a Funding Seeker you may meet online with your future capital provider right here, no matter what type of funding you are looking for. Our database of 13,000+ investors will be looking for projects just like yours!

As a Funding Source and depending on your specialty, you may encounter a vast array of funding seekers right here, at the comfort of your desk.


Who are the Investors on p2pFunder.com?

Private and personal investors.

Banks and Financial Companies.

Personal and Business Loan Brokers.

Hard Money Investors for those with less than perfect credit.

Personal or Business Real Estate Development Investors.

Business Venture Capitalists / Angel Investments.

Arts, Music, TV, Film & Entertainment Investors.


How does our service work?

Be ready to show your project to our Investors in 5 min or less and get the funding needed!

To make it easy for you, we ask you to create a personal or business profile on p2pFunder.com.


(Click Here to Start Creating your Profile)


Our forms are easy to answer and are very close to the ones used by banks, this is done to expedite with investors reading your Funding Profile.


According to the Program you purchase you can: (See plans)

Send or Upload Your Business Plan to our website.

Send or Upload Your Executive Summary to our website.

Send or Upload your Audiovisual Presentation.

Have access to Investors full contact details including, Address, Phone, Fax, email and more!



Our promise:

It is a simple process; your possible success depends on which funding package you bought with us.

Once you are ready with your funding need presentation, we will email our entire database of Investors your information. Thus we are achieving our promise to drive traffic to your Funding Profile, and this way creating instant activity. We do not charge you any extras for getting funded.

Also depending on the package you purchased, you will be able to contact our Investors by phone or email and present to anyone of them directly on the site, also by submitting your presentation via mail.

We give you all the traffic tools and open the doors needed to get you Funded!

Thank you for your time.

 P2PFunder Team.