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    My wife and I own a Telecommunication Network construction company that builds the network for companies like: Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner. Our Gross sales over the past three years were as follows:
    2007 - $1,800,000
    2008 - $1,200,000
    2009 - $450,000
    100% of this work was performed working as a subcontractor for various primes, we have one prime that still owes us $293,000.00 since 2008. In 2009 we made a decision to pursue opportunities with major Telecom providers as a Prime Contractor, In October 2009 we became an approved prime supplier with AT&T, although we did not start work with them until April of 2010. We have started to make an impact with them, we are projecting our best sales for the month of August 2010 ($45,000) which is the highest sale for past 18 months. This work is being completed by my wife and I along with our son that is taking a sabbatical from college to help us build the company back up. Our short term plan is to hire two or three people and take our sales up over $100,00 per month. We just recently signed a contract with Time Warner Cable as a prime contractor, which provide additional opportunities. We are certified with CPUC and SCMBDC, we are registered with Southern California Edison an Metro Water Department. With an infusion of capital we feel that we could position dei Telecommunication Services, Inc. for revenues around $5 - 7 million. We never had a loan, we learned how to manage our cash flow, now we need the capital to move to the next level. Thanks

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